Premier Wine Services


The Premier.Wine™ “Wine Web Aggregator” component of Premier Wine Services™ advertises Wine Catalogs for wineries geographically representing over 50% of available wine in the United States. Our goal is to provide unique wine choices not typically found in the large retail on-line stores. We “Advertise”, the Winery “Sells and Ships”.
The story line for our prospective Buyers is:Find and purchase Wine directly from participating wineries using our On-line Catalogs. We offer easy, “one-stop-shopping” so you don’t need to surf each winery’s website. You will be able to locate items only available on the winery website, including unique boutique and specialty wine.

Our Premier.Wine On-Line Catalogs offer a variety of sophisticated and useful Search and Display groupings to match the preferences of our Visitors, including:

  • Items (e.g. Wine, Event, Gift)
  • Regions
  • (Following apply to Wine Items)

  • Varietals
  • Vintages
  • Awards
  • Bottles